About Me

Hi there…

This is it, the first page I’ve tackled. I had the great idea to get inspiration for this page from all the amazing women whose blogs I follow. Ummmm. Not helpful. Now I feel uninspired AND intimidated. So I guess I won’t try to be clever or amazing but just be me. Simple, quiet, not particularly funny or flamboyant, probably a little forgettable in a crowd. There is much that I am not, but here’s what I am…

imageI am a wife…to one incredible man who is far better to me than I deserve and far more amazing than he thinks. He is handsome and sexy and tender and humble and a seriously great dad. The real deal.


I am a mom…to three crazy, loud, unstoppable boys who could not be more different from each other, who keep me on my knees praying for wisdom and grace and patience, and whom I love with a fierceness that sometimes takes me by surprise.

I am a friend…and have been blessed with a tribe of women who truly have my back, who teach and inspire me by the way they live, and without whom I would not have the courage for the journey I’m on.image

I am a drinker of good coffee and a lover of really good books, deep conversations, and rousing games of Dutch Blitz.

Finally, and above all else, I am a follower of Christ Jesus…He has held my heart since I was a child. He has heard my prayers…all of them. He has answered above and beyond. He has asked for my trust and proven Himself ever trustworthy. Whatever He asks and wherever He calls…I say “Yes.”